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LED Marine Lights, leading the way in solar lighting development

Solar marine lights are probably the most advanced form of commercialized solar power but most people are not even aware that LED marine lights provide the major part of illumination in harbors and on board yachts. Even buoys out in the harbor or bay are lit by solar energy. There are a number of reasons Continue Reading »

Solar Low Voltage Lighting Systems, the ideal way to economical power efficiency

Although the cities of the world appear to be brightly lit when viewed from outer space, most city lighting is comprised of low voltage lighting systems that make it possible for human beings to function economically and socially after dark when there is no natural solar lighting from the sun. These lighting systems include street Continue Reading »

Outdoor LED Lighting, the best of both worlds for energy efficient area illumination

Solar power as a source of electricity for powering outdoor lights has met its ideal technological match in LED (light emitting diode) components for outdoor LED lighting. Let’s start by discussing solar power as a reliable source of energy for outdoor lighting. The benefits of using the power of the sun to gather energy which Continue Reading »

Outdoor Solar Lighting, the natural and economical alternative to grid power

There is much talk in the media about outdoor solar lighting and solar power as an obvious alternative to the commonly mass-produced electricity sources involving the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear fission. Because solar panels are still a rarity, lots of people think that solar power has not come of age. In fact it Continue Reading »

Solar Outdoor Lighting, all the benefits of grid power with none of the downside

Mention solar outdoor lighting and most people think of the arrays of photovoltaic cells mounted on the roofs of homes and other structures, solar panels that produce electrical energy for heating water and running lights and appliances inside the buildings. It is a little-known fact that the main strides in solar technology over the past Continue Reading »