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Parking Lot Lights, using solar power turns a necessity into a benefit

Nobody ever made money out of lighting the parking lot efficiently. Parking lot lights are a necessity for reasons of safety and convenience. They are service lights, unrelated to the core business of the golf courses, hotels and resorts, universities and colleges, parking malls and corporate complexes, government installations and complexes where they are used. Continue Reading »

LED Parking Lot Lighting, for cost effective and reliable solar lighting

Managers of complexes that include parking lots are turning to solar-powered LED parking lot lighting to save installation and running costs. They also know that installing solar lighting in a parking lot means years of maintenance-free operation – one thing less to worry about! You can install one solar powered parking lot pole and light Continue Reading »

Street Light Fixture, is it solar-powered or is it the old-fashioned type

Solar-powered street light fixture systems are rapidly replacing the old-fashioned grid-powered type street lamps. That means that countless millions of solar street lights are being manufactured and installed each year. Solar lighting is no longer the preserve of the ecologically aware homesteader. Now city, town and village managers are installing these reliable, cost-effective and unobtrusive Continue Reading »

Solar LED Street Lights, powerful street and area lighting

Solar LED street lights are able to provide both cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting systems for a wide variety of situations. Whether you are interested in lighting residential areas, parking lot lighting or even providing security lighting, then solar LED technology can offer you the perfect solution – even more so if you are in Continue Reading »

Solar Street Lamp, now lighting your way in a street near you

It is no longer rare to see a solar street lamp. City, town and village managers, in their endless quest to cut costs and increase efficiency, have discovered that solar powered street lighting does the job better than conventional, grid-powered lighting, at a fraction of the price. There are a number of reasons why solar Continue Reading »