LED Marine Lights, leading the way in solar lighting development

LED Marine LightsSolar marine lights are probably the most advanced form of commercialized solar power but most people are not even aware that LED marine lights provide the major part of illumination in harbors and on board yachts. Even buoys out in the harbor or bay are lit by solar energy.

There are a number of reasons why the maritime industry has led the way in solar power development. In the first place lighting in harbors and on board vessels is closely linked to safety. Solar energy is the most reliable way to power outdoor lighting systems so the maritime industry was naturally drawn to this form of illumination. Solar outdoor lights just don’t fail. Each light has its own “power plant” attached in the form of photovoltaic cells, solar chargers and storage batteries.

LEDs are highly efficient utilizers of battery power and last for years. So there is no wiring, no battery or bulb replacement involved, plus once installed the light operates effectively for years, free of charge.

Another aspect that drew the maritime industry to LED marine lights was the closeness of sea going vessels to nature. The wind, the sea, the sky and the animal and plant life of the ocean are constantly at the top of the sailor’s mind. To put it another way, every boat owner is aware of nature and the delicate ecology that comprises our world. Solar powered marine lights are completely environment-friendly and this has been a definite factor in the advancement of solar-powered marine lights.

It says a lot that when non-boat people see a range of solar marine lights, they immediately think of alternative uses for these standalone “light factories”. It is true that hazard, lights, for instance can be used for roadside emergencies as well as in harbors and on board ocean-going vessels. A standard solar-powered all-purpose marine light can be used for any navigation, lighting or hazard marking requirement, whether on building sites, campgrounds or even in the military.

There are LED marine lights in varying strengths according to the intensity of the light that needs to be generated

The photovoltaic arrangement, battery storage capacity and LED vary according to the range required. So for instance there is one suitable for a range of one nautical mile (1.8 kilometers). This is generally used for marking buoys, docks, bus stops and other points of importance or obstacles. They are available in various colors e.g. red, amber, blue, white and green and even have adjustable flash patterns. (That should give an indication of how advanced solar powered marine lights are.)

Models with a range up to two nautical miles (3.6 kilometers) have features such as over 200 IALA Approved Flash Patterns and programmable functions such as intensity and battery testing. These low voltage lighting systems are suitable for the “heavy duty” maritime industry, i.e. use in industrial and commercial marine.

Finally there are extremely advanced solar lights with ranges up to three nautical miles (4.8 kilometers). These solar LED marine lights are huge and powerful, and developed with the assistance of government agencies. These are top of the range. Check Carmanah for rugged, reliable and patented marine lighting products. click here

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