LED Parking Lot Lighting, for cost effective and reliable solar lighting

LED Parking Lot LightingManagers of complexes that include parking lots are turning to solar-powered LED parking lot lighting to save installation and running costs. They also know that installing solar lighting in a parking lot means years of maintenance-free operation – one thing less to worry about!

You can install one solar powered parking lot pole and light or several. It all depends on what level of illumination you require. There are small parking lots with just one light per lot and massive mall parking lots with lines of lights. The beauty of solar parking lot lighting is that every light runs perfectly independently of the others, so in the unlikely event that one light ceases to operate or operates sub-optimally then the others will still light the parking area. You can order pole and solar lot lighting kits or you can get a company in to install them all.

The benefits of solar LED parking lot lighting are so many that it is difficult to know which one to list first

Clearly there are masses of benefits and that is why managers of malls, housing estate, apartment blocks, hospitals, college and universities, estates, hotels and resorts and government property are opting for solar powered parking lot lighting.

Cost effectiveness probably ranks at the top of the list of benefits. The units are affordable, with the pole generally costing more than the solar unit itself, but even standard grid powered parking lot lights require poles. Installation is definitely much cheaper than conventional lighting. No trenches, cables, wires or meters are required.

You also have the freedom to place the solar parking lot lights wherever you want them to be. LED bulbs are long-life lights, perfect for solar parking lot illumination. That means cost saving on maintenance, something that property managers prefer.

With LED parking lot lighting,  once the initial costs have been incurred, the lighting is free of charge

No expensive utility bills accrue whenever solar powered lighting solutions are installed. The way a solar light works is this: photovoltaic cells on the unit itself gather the solar energy and this is converted to electrical energy, which is then stored in a battery. When the solar light switches on (an automatic process triggered by automatic light and dark detectors) then the battery powers the LED. Solar power is, of course, a wonderful match for LED (light emitting diode) bulbs because they work so well off batteries.

The eco-friendly nature of LED parking lot lighting is another important benefit accruing when parking lot owners or managers opt for solar power. It is always good corporate policy to show environmental awareness in all actions. Solar power leaves no carbon footprint. Behind every conventionally powered parking lot light lie coal-fired power stations, dangerous nuclear power plants and tons and tons of metal and cable that comprise the power grid.

The world cannot continue indefinitely to burn fossil fuels, endanger life and rape the globe just to light parking lots. Solar powered parking lot lighting is quite simply the correct moral and ethical choice. Check this case study

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