Outdoor Lighting Systems, clean options for the 21st century

Outdoor Lighting SystemsAs the price of fossil fuel rises there is much speculation everywhere in the world about how solar outdoor lighting systems is the obvious alternative to expensive and destructive fuels such as coal and oil.

Few people are aware though that many property developers and city managers have taken the step and installed commercial solar lights for parking lot lighting and solar street lighting systems in place of regular street lights. Harbor management in nearly every country is familiar with solar lighting.

The maritime industry, presumably because of its close association with nature in the form of the winds and the oceans, has adapted to the necessity for cheap and reliable lighting.

Marine lights are on board vessels, on the docks and in the harbors themselves, where they are used as buoy lights. These solar outdoor lighting systems are highly developed and readily available. They can be at specialist stores on the internet. It is intriguing to see how advanced these solar lights are these days.

Manufacturers and suppliers of professional solar lights are often asked just how dependable solar power lighting is. The answer they give is that this cheap and clean form of lighting is very dependable indeed. They quickly dispel the notion that solar energy cannot be collected in cloudy weather. The rule of thumb is that if you can still see reasonably well, even if it is overcast and raining, then there is enough light to collect and store energy.

The storage aspect of solar lighting is important

It ensures that solar power will be available for at least five days even if no more solar power is collected which, as explained, is unlikely to occur. In addition, the best solar outdoor lighting systems are custom made and therefore the components are perfectly adapted for the job, making it virtually maintenance-free. In any event, the reputable solar lighting suppliers offer generous warranties on their products.

A point that manufacturers and suppliers of solar lights also bring to the attention of those who are investigating the viability of solar light power is that each light is an energy factory on its own. In the unlikely event that one were to fail, the others would keep on going as before, making solar lighting an incredibly reliable form of lighting. Each solar outdoor light has its own power plant (the solar cells and batteries) so the light’s operation does not rely on any outside factor, such as the electricity grid. In addition, each solar electric light operates autonomously. Each light is programmed through its own control system to turn on and off as required.

The medium to long term benefits of solar outdoor lighting systems are huge

Initial installation costs are incurred for the self-contained energy collection and storage system (photovoltaic cells, solar charger and batteries) but after that the energy itself is free from the sun. When compared to the cost of installing grid-fed systems and the electricity bills that result from its usage, outdoor solar lighting wins hands down. It is no wonder that estate, sports and hotel facility managers are buying into outdoor solar systems.

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