Parking Lot Lights, using solar power turns a necessity into a benefit

Solar Parking Lot LightsNobody ever made money out of lighting the parking lot efficiently. Parking lot lights are a necessity for reasons of safety and convenience. They are service lights, unrelated to the core business of the golf courses, hotels and resorts, universities and colleges, parking malls and corporate complexes, government installations and complexes where they are used.

You need a parking lot light just to get safely to and from your car and guide your way in and out of parking lots after dark. So how can managers turn a necessity into a benefit? The answer is to install solar powered parking lot lights to save costs.

In addition, you can legitimately claim in signs, advertisements and promotional material that such-and-such shopping mall / school / sports club has “gone green” by installing clean lighting in the parking lot.

Each solar parking lot light works off its own little solar factory, which is installed on the light itself

It is a clean, closed system involving only the sun, an inverter to convert the solar energy to electricity, a battery for storing the power and an LED (light emitting diode to create the light). Behind every conventional parking lot light is a coal-fired power station belching carbons into the atmosphere, or a dangerous nuclear power station. In contrast, solar-generated electricity is completely harmless. So, green parking lot illumination is worth a lot in public relations terms and managerial peace of mind.

Conventional parking lot lights are expensive to install

Trenches need to be opened, cables laid and meters connected. Where grid power is used to power parking lot lights, the choice is fairly limited as to where the lights will be placed. Generally, the lights follow the line of the trench, which is usually a straight line. That is not always the most effective way to place the lights but the sheer cost of placing conventional parking lot lights where you want them prevents most planners from deviating from a straight line.

But what about those nooks and crannies around corners where cars park or where people have to walk in order to get to and from their cars? With solar LED parking lot lighting you place the lights exactly where you want them. Each light is independently powered by a photovoltaic cell “power plant” mounted on the light itself. It operates independently from all the other solar lights in the lot.

Once solar parking lot lights are installed and start working, they can operate untended for year upon year with minimum maintenance

They are self-regulating and hassle-free. Conventional lights can cease to operate or might need a new bulb, but solar powered parking lot lights are reliable and LED bulbs last for years. This on its own is a huge benefit, but the best is yet to come. These parking lot lights come entirely free. Energy from the sun costs nothing. Solar power is free. When planning a parking lot, think solar-powered parking lot lights for total peace of mind. Check this example

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