Solar LED Street Lights, powerful street and area lighting

Solar LED Street LightsSolar LED street lights are able to provide both cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting systems for a wide variety of situations. Whether you are interested in lighting residential areas, parking lot lighting or even providing security lighting, then solar LED technology can offer you the perfect solution – even more so if you are in a locality in which the supply of electricity is costly or subject to difficulties.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights are a far better answer to your street lighting problems than conventional LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps.

To begin with, LED lights use far less power than their old-fashioned counterparts and last a considerable time longer – important economic and environmental considerations.
In addition, the quality of the light actually produced by solar LED street lights is far superior. LPS lights still mostly produce that yellowy orange light, which might look atmospheric in spy thrillers but does not allow very high definition visibility. Solar street lights employing LED technology, on the other hand, can create a much more powerful, crisper white light of far higher quality – significantly improving visibility and color rendition.

It has been demonstrated that High Power LEDs can offer a lower consumption of electricity, a longer life span, better color rendition, better color temperature, far less light pollution, and far higher brightness.
All of these advantages – and do not forget that economically they represent better value.

When considering the use of solar LED street lights

It is essential that the utmost care is taken to produce a specific, bespoke design for the size and nature of each individual scheme. It would be a mistake to make a hurried decision, without adequate planning and consultation. Unfortunately, solar street lights are not ‘one size fits all’ or ‘off the shelf’ purchases.

Among the different variables that need to be carefully considered when exploring solar outdoor LED lighting are, for example, the number of hours lighting that is needed on a daily basis. Furthermore, you have to give thought to the necessity of a back-up system, for prolonged periods of overcast conditions. These things and others imply a meticulous analysis of geographical and climatic information and statistics for individual locations before choosing solar LED street lights.
Once these matters have been evaluated, then the considerations of type of light source, type of solar panel, batteries, solar controllers – even the height of the poles – can be worked out. Get more information

We are professionals in this area and we can liaise with you to enable you to be confident of successfully addressing all of these issues. If you come to us with your specific needs, we will be able to light up your required area – every night, whatever the weather – in a manner which will be economically cost-effective for you, have minimal environmental impact, low maintenance costs and, most importantly, do exactly the job you want it to do.

We have the capability of producing a well-designed solar street lighting plan that will fulfill all of your individual criteria. Please ask about our comprehensive range of products and get into contact with us so that we can discuss your specific solar LED street lights requirements.

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