Street Light Fixture, is it solar-powered or is it the old-fashioned type

Street Light FixtureSolar-powered street light fixture systems are rapidly replacing the old-fashioned grid-powered type street lamps. That means that countless millions of solar street lights are being manufactured and installed each year.

Solar lighting is no longer the preserve of the ecologically aware homesteader. Now city, town and village managers are installing these reliable, cost-effective and unobtrusive lights, keeping neighborhoods safe at night and stopping the drain on the public purse because absolutely no power bills accrue through the use of solar power.

Solar street lights require zero maintenance as most solar street lights have detectors that can differentiate between light and dark. That means no management or labor is required to turn them on or off. The light switches on at dusk and turns off at dawn. Of course, the photovoltaic cells on each unit collect sun energy as long as there is any light at all. The basic rule is that if there is visibility then solar power will be collected, even if it is overcast and rainy.

Most people who have no involvement in city, estate or building complex management are aware how technologically advanced solar street light fixture systems have become. For instance, the latest development is that the solar street lamps actually take into the account the importance of light for an early morning commute. They are constructed so that they collect sufficient solar energy, convert it to electricity, store it in batteries, and therefore distribute enough energy to power the LED to stay bright until dawn. If you are a commuter your way is probably lit by solar-powered light fixtures without you even being aware of it.

Although solar street lights operate quite adequately even in dull weather, these street light fixtures are most effective in areas with plenty of sunlight. That includes most of the great cities of the world, and that is why the popularity of solar street lights and solar parking lot lights has risen exponentially in the past decade.

The more sunlight there is, the more the photovoltaic cells are exposed to it and therefore more energy can be collected and stored. It is important to note that even if there is a temporary shortage of electrical power available, the LED will not extinguish entirely but will simply be temporarily dimmer. It will revive its brightness as soon as the sun has shone again for a while.

There are a couple of factors to consider when shopping for a solar street light fixture

Solar street lights that will be placed in areas with high wind exposure should incorporate flat panels for a low wind profile. Also check the battery reserve capacity to minimize the dimness of the lights due to cloudy weather. A five day battery reserve is almost standard, which is more than enough for most places.

Street lights are indispensable. They light the way for traffic and pedestrians and are much safer than unlit streets; to sum it up, street lights prevent accidents and prevent crime. Solar LED street lights are better than standard street lamps because they are unaffected by grid blackouts. They are literally a beacon in the night. Check Greenshine Solar Lighting Basic here

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