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Outdoor Solar Lighting, the natural and economical alternative to grid power

There is much talk in the media about outdoor solar lighting and solar power as an obvious alternative to the commonly mass-produced electricity sources involving the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear fission. Because solar panels are still a rarity, lots of people think that solar power has not come of age. In fact it Continue Reading »

Solar Outdoor Lighting, all the benefits of grid power with none of the downside

Mention solar outdoor lighting and most people think of the arrays of photovoltaic cells mounted on the roofs of homes and other structures, solar panels that produce electrical energy for heating water and running lights and appliances inside the buildings. It is a little-known fact that the main strides in solar technology over the past Continue Reading »

Outdoor Lighting Systems, clean options for the 21st century

As the price of fossil fuel rises there is much speculation everywhere in the world about how solar outdoor lighting systems is the obvious alternative to expensive and destructive fuels such as coal and oil. Few people are aware though that many property developers and city managers have taken the step and installed commercial solar Continue Reading »

Solar LED Street Lights, powerful street and area lighting

Solar LED street lights are able to provide both cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting systems for a wide variety of situations. Whether you are interested in lighting residential areas, parking lot lighting or even providing security lighting, then solar LED technology can offer you the perfect solution – even more so if you are in Continue Reading »

Solar Street Lamp, now lighting your way in a street near you

It is no longer rare to see a solar street lamp. City, town and village managers, in their endless quest to cut costs and increase efficiency, have discovered that solar powered street lighting does the job better than conventional, grid-powered lighting, at a fraction of the price. There are a number of reasons why solar Continue Reading »